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Our Pricing Info

This is a list of our mediators' fees. If you would like to request a date or find our upcoming available dates, call our office at 801-456-4199 or send an email to



Zoom is preferred, in-person upon request. 

Mediations: $300/hour

Arbitrations: $300/hour

Consultations: $300/hour

For the most recent available dates please email

Judge Lee Dever

Zoom is preferred, in-person upon request.

Mediation: $350/hour

For the most updated available dates please email

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Carolyn Nichols Availability

Zoom is preferred, in-person upon request.

For the most updated available dates please email

Things to note:

FEES: A deposit of $750 from each client is due at the beginning of the mediation, please call our office before mediation begins to provide your credit card information (801-456-4199). The remaining balance is due at the conclusion of the mediation session in the form of credit or debit card.  We do not accept payment plans. There is a 3% credit card convenience fee. The total cost of mediation will be shared equally by the parties.  Counsel is instructed to provide notice to their clients that each party is to pay one-half (1/2) of the mediator’s fees. There is a minimum fee of 2 hours regardless of the actual length of the mediation.  

In-person mediation requires that the clients provide their credit card information before the set date. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: A 2-hour minimum cancellation fee will be applied for any mediation canceled within a 7 day period of the anticipated mediation. If our office receives a request to cancel the mediation within this period, we cannot unilaterally cancel the mediation without the other party's consent.   If both parties are in agreement of canceling the mediation; the cancellation fee is divided equally between the parties with payment due immediately upon request via credit card.  However, if one party is not in agreement of canceling the mediation, the party canceling the mediation shall be responsible for the entire 2-hour cancellation cost.

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