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Legal Consultation

Answering legal questions without the commitment of hiring a lawyer.

When should you schedule a legal consultation?

Legal consultation refers to the process of seeking advice or guidance from a qualified legal professional to address legal issues, understand rights and responsibilities, and receive expert assistance in navigating legal matters. Schedule a consultation if you need a legal question answered or advice on your specific situation.

During a legal consultation, individuals or entities can discuss their specific legal concerns, receive information about applicable laws, explore potential courses of action, and gain insights into the legal implications of their situation. Legal consultations are confidential, and the information exchanged is typically protected by attorney-client privilege, fostering an environment where individuals can openly discuss their legal matters with the assurance of privacy. It's important to note that a legal consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship unless explicitly agreed upon. 

Velvet Rodriguez is available for legal consultation in 30 minute, or 1 hour increments at a rate of $300/hour

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